My top five posts of 2022

This was a great year spent helping others in their pursuit of outcomes.

Todd Lankford
4 min readDec 29, 2022


An up and down road, illustrating  my up and down journey to outcomes.
It was a great journey with ups and downs—Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash

This year started with my goal to help move organizations to a true outcome-orientation. And the companies I worked with made many strides forward. Here are a few examples of what happened:

  • 10 teams learned techniques to stop starting and start finishing value for their customers.
  • 6 teams learned how engaging directly with customers can enable simplicity in solving complex needs.
  • 5 Teams learned the true power of teamwork, moving away from being simply a collection of individuals.
  • 50 managers became thirsty for the agile mindset and began the journey away from predictive, command-and-control behaviors.
  • 40 managers started focusing on improving the system in which teams work to enable the flow of value.

Throughout 2022, I wrote about the journey of these organizations. My blogging outlined the obstacles they faced and the breakthroughs they celebrated.

Below are my top five posts from the year, based on reader engagement..

№5: How silos wreak havoc and block your outcome dreams

Silos destroy team momentum. Do you experience this too? Are silos crippling the ability of your Scrum Team to pursue outcomes?

This happens because silos inflict far-reaching chaos, misdirect focus, and strip away purpose from teams. Silos are like a weight tied to a team’s ankle.

When silos rule, outcome orientation is incredibly difficult if not impossible to achieve.

№4: Why is being “Done” in Agile teams so tragically misunderstood?

I have an Agile product question for you. Consider this: 1) you have one feature in use by customers, or 2) you have five hundred code-complete features. Which is more valuable?



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